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Saying this is a great post is an understatement. This resonates on multiple levels. My undergraduate concentration was public relations, but a majority of my coursework was in journalism. We covered plenty of history and theory, but very little application, and I’ve felt inadequate as a journalist because of it. This helps make up for that feeling.

College Media Matters

Hello from the Hippodrome.  Over the next two days, I will be blogging (somewhat) live about everything I am learning at Journalism Interactive 2013, “the conference on journalism education and digital media.”

The Hippodrome, a theater in Gainesville, Fla., near the University of Florida, is serving as the HQ for this fantastically geeky gathering– one filled with program sessions sporting buzzwords such as data journalism, mobile journalism, social media ethics, branding, and the “unicorn” that is the “journalist/designer/coder.”


My unofficial goal is to accrue 100 practical and inspiring tips, tools, links, quotes, and anecdotes from the main talks, break-out training sessions, and teach-a-thons I’ll be attending.  Check out this post repeatedly for (hopefully) regular updates.

100 Things I’m Learning at Journalism Interactive 2013

1. After the audio went haywire during the opening video, Diane McFarlin, dean of the UF College of Journalism…

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