Social Media

3 Years Old And Ready For Retirement


I recently took a trip to the local public library in search of some new reading material to discourage me from watching TV. It was suggested that I read R.R. George’s book series A Song of Ice and Fire, so I went to check out the first book, A Game of Thrones. While there I glanced through the self-help section for professional development books and noticed some public relations, marketing and new media publications.

The titles on the spines all sounded interesting, but as I flicked through a book written in 2009 I began to wonder: Is this book still relevant in today’s social landscape?

Think about it.

In 2009, Twitter was 3 years old, Facebook hadn’t gone to its Timeline layout yet, and Instagram didnt even exist!

Sure, there was likely to be some information in that book that would still be helpful today, but how many tecnhniques, tips, and “rules” would be the same now as they were when that book was published in 2009?

The answer is, very few.

The ways content marketers, online community moderators, consumer brands, new media professionals and other digital influencers use social media tools are constantly evolving and part of the fun is finding the new trends and uses before everyone else does.

In truth, I didn’t need to look for a new media marketing book at the library because there are enough “how-to” and “best practice” tweets coming across my timeline everyday to make 10 books with, and (almost) all of them are relevant in today’s landscape. For example:

17 tips to ensure you stand out among the abundance of content on Twitter (via @inboundagents)

The absolute worst thing to do on LinkedIn (via @RyanBiddulph)

5 Daily Habits For Effective Social Media Marketing (via @EntMagazine)

Blogging for Business – the Value of Thought Leadership (via @exploreb2b)

5 Essentials You Need Before Starting Your Content Marketing Campaign (via @exploreb2b)

6 Ways Social Media Marketing Is Changing (For the Better) (via @hubspot)

The best part about Twitter as the New Library is that there aren’t any late fees!


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