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#NewThingsIn2013, My Creative Struggle, and the Rembert Browne Epiphany

Upon my recent return from a trip to Jacksonville, FL where I was visiting a friend, I sat down to get caught up with…everything. March 25th marked the 25th consecutive day of what I dubbed my “extended vacation” from work, as my graduate internship ended Feb 28th and my next opportunity, an internship at Allstate Headquarters in Chicago, IL, doesn’t begin until May 13th.

On this extended vacation I slept, I drank, I got caught up on graduate homework, I watched plenty of football–I debated with myself whether I would sound pompous calling it football instead of soccer, but I’m giving it a try– and I slept more.

I lived out my personal resolution of trying #NewThingsIn2013 with a spontaneous vacation to Jacksonville, and my first professional football match, but after sitting down to get caught up, I realized I hadn’t been using that extended vacation to fulfill the creative aspect of my personal resolution. When I started this lifestyle, this blog, and this mission, it was primarily motivated by wanting to explore my creative side through writing, design, photography, and general storytelling.

I knew I’d really strayed from my resolution when I found my short story, “Kids with Jobs,” unfinished on March 29th. If you go back to my very first post on this blog, my intention was to enter “Kids with Jobs” into Ardor Literary Magazines (@ArdorLitMag) short story contest, but with a deadline of March 31st I was unable to accomplish that goal.

I needed inspiration! I needed to be re-focused!

A trip to starbucks this weekend helped jump start the process, but a post on Facebook, and an unrelated YouTube search, were the catalysts of my creative explosion (probably an exaggeration) this past weekend.

Let me explain.

I don’t like to use Facebook much anymore, but that’s a post for another day. I scrolled my timeline on March 29th in a half-hearted attempt to entertain myself when a old friend shared this link with the accompanying thumbnail:

Rembert Explains the ’90s: Legends of the Hidden Temple


My analysis of this piece can’t possibly do it justice, so I’ll keep it short. As someone who grew up in the ’90s I was both amused and astounded by this breakdown of the popular Nickelodeon game show. Pressing play on each YouTube video was like being transported back to my Buckingham Street, MI, residence, watching NickToons with my sister on our tube T.V. and playing with our chocolate lab, Coco. Our escapades were legendary, but again, that’s a post for another day.

I’d already been in a mental struggle to refind my creative edge, but for some reason this helped get me over the hurdle. I instantly started writing a new short story titled, ‘The Cup Dream,” in a river of flowing creative juices. I’m still a procrastinator though, and so with every finished passage, I scoured the internet for what I told myself was inspiration, but what was really a distraction.

I hadn’t followed Grantland too much. I liked listening to the syndicated Men In Blazers podcast, primarily because Roger Bennett is a fellow Everton fan and I loved the Jalen Rose podcasts, but didn’t read too much on their content.

Sidenote: I don’t think there has ever been a more real individual to grace the screens of ESPN, at least in my lifetime, than Jalen Rose

So on a particular podcast, I saw a young man in a tuxedo and I went for the bait. Who would be wearing a tuxedo on a dress down sports panel. That young man was Rembert Browne, author of the aforementioned Rembert Explains the ’90s, and as I came to find out, creator of the 500 Days Asunder blog. His blog, meant to give him a creative writing outlet, has apparently rerailed me (is that the opposite of derailed?) on the right creative path, but more importantly, showed me what was missing from this blog; my voice.

This process has to be fun, or else, why do it? I’d been so caught up with being professional and appropriate that I’d already defeated any chance I had at updating this blog consistently. So, you’ll continue to see what you’ve seen here before, because I do have a passion for PR and Social Media, but you’ll also see more of me, because that’s what’s necessary to keep myself interested and make this blog worth reading.

I will also be entering both “Kids with Jobs” and “The Cup Dream” into the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition with the deadline of May 1st, as well as posting them here.

More writing and no more slacking!


Sidenote: Special Shout-out to the cast of Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Their seasons 2-7 bloopers made me laugh uncontrollably and freed my mind of everything except the need to control my blatter.


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