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Was Vine Too Slow to Beat Instagram?


Instagram, the veteran in photo sharing, but new kid in video, has stormed onto the scene in recent weeks, launching its 15 second video app for Android and Apple iOS.

Vine, the six-second looping video trendsetter, has been an Apple iOS staple since it’s January launch.

When Vine was the only micro-video platform on the market, it had the ability to draw out it’s Android launch. Apple iOS users savored in the newness of the app, while Android users could only watch from afar.

For that reason, Vine will lose this race.

Android’s operating system is in nearly 75 percent of the Smartphone’s purchased in Q1 of 2013. By waiting so long to reach Android users, Vine alienated the largest smartphone segment, who the entire time looked for something to fill that void. Vine finally launched their Android app on June 3, but Instagram was preparing to launch it’s own video app on June 20, hot on Vine’s heels.

Vine didn’t give Android users enough time to build familiarity, comfort or complacency with its platform. However, Android users had used Instagram and its popular filters, and because Vine stayed in its Apple niche for so long, it’s likely to lose the micro-video race to Instagram, which smartly rolled out both its Apple iOS and Android apps simultaenously.

This should be a lesson to future app developers. While rolling apps out for Apple iOS first is great for testing, feedback and working out bugs, waiting too long to satisfy the larger smarthphone community doesn’t bode well.


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